IRP Final Report

The Independent Review Panel has completed its work. The final report submitted to the Governors of Washington and Oregon, can be found here.

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The Columbia River Crossing Project is a major transportation project that will shape traffic, commerce, the economy and affect the lives of people for decades to come. The Governors of Oregon and Washington believe that the CRC Project is essential to maintain our region’s economic vitality, enhance community livability and strengthen the economy. They recognize that the investment required to replace the I-5 bridge, connect to the metro area’s light rail system and improve I-5 is significant.

For this reason, the two Governors have convened an independent review panel for the Columbia River Crossing Project. The purpose of the panel is to assure that the basic assumptions underpinning the planning and financial studies of the project are reasonable and sound.

The panel’s work will:

  • Provide independent review and assessment of the project implementation plan
  • Provide independent review and assessment of the financial plan
  • Review and evaluate key objectives and performance measures used to guide decisions on the project and its operation after construction.
  • Report its findings to the Governors by July 30, 2010.
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* This workplan will be adjusted as appropriate by the IRP.